Microservices: What, Why, and How

Enterprise use of microservices is on the rise. By breaking large applications down into small, independently functioning services, microservices enable advances in agility and flexibility for developers, but are not exempt from challenges. We will explore the definitive, “What, Why and How?” overview of microservices. … Continued

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API Essentials for Every Stakeholder

APIs, by virtue of their openness and utility, tend to touch many areas of an IT organization. As a result, API success usually means devising an API strategy that will serve the diverse needs of people in various roles who rely on them. The right … Continued

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Microservices: Why Should Businesses Care?

Microservices offer a way to build web-scale applications by breaking a large application down into small, independent services. Microservices enable IT organizations to be more agile and reduce costs by taking advantage of the granularity and reuse of microservices. Yet, like other new architectural paradigms, … Continued

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API-driven App Development on Hybrid Cloud

On-premise IT owners know everything about the data their businesses have been collecting for decades. They also own this data—20, 30 years’ worth of enterprise data from systems of record and systems of engagement, data about transactions and account information, structured and unstructured. With cloud … Continued

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Enterprise API Adoption Patterns

Moments of technology-driven inflection in business are often hard to spot because they occur more slowly than the hype cycle might hope. This is the case with enterprise adoption of APIs. It has been tricky to identify enterprise API adoption patterns because API use is … Continued

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Building Successful APIs-2015v2-2015

eBook: Building Successful APIs

Proven best practices that enable businesses to realize successful APIs The eBook shares proven best practices that enable businesses to realize success from APIs and ensure appropriate security and system management or running up unsustainable costs. Taking a holistic, integrated approach, it blends technology and … Continued

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Understanding OAuth

OAuth arose out of the process of improving the OpenID standard at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to solve the problem of secure access to multiple systems on behalf of a single client. This paper illustrates how OAuth works using simple use cases. It … Continued

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API Security: A Guide to securing your digital channels

Malicious assaults and denial-of-service attacks are increasingly targeting enterprise applications as back-end systems become more accessible and usable through cloud, mobile and in on-premise environments. The API is a major point of vulnerability, given its ability to offer programmatic access to external parties with few … Continued

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Connector-Less Cloud Integration

As companies transform into digital business in response to changes in consumer habits and advances in technology, IT managers face increased pressure to integrate applications in the cloud. Traditional, connector-based integration solutions, such as the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) cannot keep up. The proliferation of mobile … Continued

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