Deconstructing API Security

Ian Goldsmith’s presentation from the Enterprise Security Summit; Integration Developer News – 2016 Trends in Identity, Security, & Analytics for the Digital Enterprise.

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Eat Your Microservices Elephant One Bite at a Time

There seems to be a tendency amongst architects to think of microservices as a way to build entire applications, taking monoliths and completely re-implementing them as a set of microservices. This belief makes a lot of architects, especially in large enterprise, question whether microservices is … Continued

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API Design Essentials

API Management has changed a lot in the past four years.  It has gone from a toy prototype to a required foundational component in every enterprise architecture.   Being foundational, an API management solution must address the needs of each role that takes part in an … Continued

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API Economy Presentation

API Economy – The Making of a Digital Business

Technology has wrought profound changes in the ways that consumers interact with businesses in virtually every sector. Whether it’s travel, healthcare, finance, entertainment or retail, the old assumptions about how to find, engage and retain customers no longer hold up. Consumers want instant access. They … Continued

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Digital Healthcare – Realizing Interoperability with APIs

Healthcare is going through a digital transformation. Healthcare records are increasingly becoming digitized to ensure that patients’ electronic health records (EHR) are available, discoverable and understandable as people move around the healthcare eco-system.  As the volume and types of health-related information increases, how we interact … Continued

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