Managing a Microsoft SOA and API Program Using Intermediary for Microsoft

Akana Intermediary for Microsoft, built on and for the Microsoft platform,brings SOA and API network intermediation to your Microsoft environments to offer critical capabilities including security, monitoring, routing, and protocol mediation. Attend this webinar with a live demo to learn how Intermediary for Microsoft can SOA- and API-enable your Windows Azure, BizTalk, WCF and WebAPI environments for cloud, mobile, and web integration.

In this highly technical webinar, you will learn:

  • Why network intermediation is a critical capability for Microsoft backend environments
  • How you can manage an entire Microsoft-based SOA and API environment using Intermediary for Microsoft
  • How mediation will help you solve complex integration challenges like REST to SOAP integration, HTTP to NET.TCP integration, and Basic Auth to corporate Windows Security integration
  • How you can realize a zero-code mobile gateway solution using Intermediary for Microsoft, Windows Azure, and Windows Phone / iOS / Android
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