API and SOA – Two sides of the same coin?

APIs are fast becoming key to the way enterprises do business, but realizing the true value of an API requires organizations to take a more governed approach, that is the APIs have to be planned and designed the right way to meet the business goals, built the right way and then monitored and analyzed continuously to assess if they are meeting the goals set by the business. These are some of the same tenants that APIs share with SOA. So are APIs really that different from SOA? Join Alistair Farquharson, CTO, Akana and Sachin Agarwal, VP Product Marketing, Akana to learn more about how to build out a combined API and SOA strategy for your business, and understand the real differences between APIs and SOA, and lay down a common long-term unified infrastructure for all your services – past, present and future. We will also discuss the following:

  • The role of APIs and SOA in your digital and application strategy.
  • Best practices for APIs and SOA to ensure efficiency, scalability, agility and security
  • Leveraging an unified infrastructure across APIs and SOA.
  • Whats ahead for APIs (REST/JSON)?
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