Powering Internal API Communities

The enterprise has learned from the consumer API movement and recognized the value of creating developer communities to drive the adoption and productive use of APIs. Building an API community internally, however, requires a different approach from what has worked in the consumer space. Business … Continued

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The Business Value for Internal APIs in an Enterprise

Adopting APIs is essential for any organization that is undergoing a digital transformation. While external and B2B APIs are getting increased attention, APIs are also becoming valuable for internal initiatives within enterprises. APIs unlock silos across organizations. They provide access to resources that were previously … Continued

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Injecting Agility and Control to Enterprise APIs

Digital transformation is a top priority for every CXO, but how can businesses quickly externalize their data as APIs, increase customer engagement across their digital channels, while maintaining the desired level of control as mandated by their industry? This webinar offers a solution, exploring new … Continued

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