API Gateway – Security Features

The Akana API Gateway allows organizations to quickly and cost-effectively develop, secure, manage and monitor their APIs in an increasingly connected world by securely and rapidly connecting applications across platforms, devices and channels. The API Gateway makes it simple to: Prevent unauthorized users from accessing … Continued

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API Management

Overview of Akana’s API Management solution – powering the API Economy. With enterprise APIs becoming the norm for businesses that want to share applications on the Web and with multiple devices, Akana’s comprehensive API Management solution helps enterprises address all stages of the API lifecycle: … Continued

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Community Manager for APIs

A sophisticated developer community that helps enterprises engage with Apps developers who use their APIs. Akana Community Manager is a sophisticated developer community product that helps enterprises attract, manage, support, and communicate among the developers who build Apps using their APIs. Community Manager provides an … Continued

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API Gateway – Simplified Security and Management

The API gateway streamlines security, development, operation and management of APIs and SOA services. The API gateway streamlines security, development, operation and management of APIs and SOA services on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid combination. The gateway also enables enterprises to rapidly publish … Continued

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Lifecycle Manager for APIs

Platform for managing APIs at each stage of their lifecycle, from planning retirement. Enterprises must be able to track all of the elements of their API and services architecture, changing them as needed while maintaining a clear understanding of underlying interdependencies. Lifecycle Manager™ addresses this … Continued

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Intermediary for Microsoft

Akana Intermediary for Microsoft adds powerful network intermediation features to Microsoft environments. With network intermediation, customers developing applications using Windows Azure and the Microsoft platform can route API and SOA traffic through a cluster of network independent Intermediary for Microsoft nodes. The Intermediary for Microsoft … Continued

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API Management for IBM WebSphere DataPower

Akana’s API management solution for DataPower empowers customers to make internal systems accessible as APIs and SOA services by leveraging DataPower’s rich security and integration features. Customers can easily create and manage APIs on DataPower that seamlessly integrate with backend systems like WebSphere, mainframes and … Continued

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Mobile Application Gateway

The Akana Mobile Application Gateway accelerates the process of externalizing applications, services and data for mobile consumption by customers, employees, partners and developers. For most enterprises, it is not about just creating an API to an application or data source, but about leveraging existing applications, … Continued

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Application Services Governance

API Management and SOA Governance are converging into a consolidated space called application Services Governance. Akana’s application Services Governance solution provides the tools to help you make sure that you deliver APIs and SOA to meet business strategy quickly and effectively, leveraging SOA as the … Continued

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